Are your sellers fighting for you or against each other? 

If you're not 100% in control of your Amazon sales, then we already know the answer.


Your sellers are fighting it out in a race to the bottom. Once one realizes it's not profitable, they'll clear their inventory and move on.


 In the end, the real casualty is your brand.


Take back control of the most important sales channel in the world.  Your business depends on it.


Your inexperienced Amazon sellers are killing your brand, upsetting your customers, and limiting your revenue.

Put a hero on your team.

We help small & medium-sized manufacturers build their brand and grow their revenue by effectively managing and marketing their products on Amazon.



A professional Amazon presence is absolutely essential for your brand to achieve the high goals you have set for it.  Consistent pricing, relevant messaging, clean product listings, and high quality product images are just a few of the basic ingredients necessary for establishing trust with your customers.

If your distributors are building your Amazon product listings for you, or you're selling directly through Amazon Vendor Central, we don't even have to look... we know your listings (and your brand's image) are a mess. 


Think of it like showing up to an important business meeting without your pants on. 


"Sorry, I was in such a hurry to get here that I forgot to get fully dressed. Don't worry, I'm ready to deliver a kick-butt presentation!"

At this point, it doesn't matter what you say, or how good your products are, you've lost your credibility and your audience thinks "this guy doesn't have a clue."


And right now as you read this, this loss of credibility is happening to your company on Amazon. 


Regardless of how amazing your products are, potential customers are getting the impression that your company is small, disorganized, and still trying to figure Amazon out.   And until you do figure it out, a lot of them are going to remain potential customers rather than becoming real customers.

There are numerous ways you can establish (or erode) trust in your brand and your products.


Learn how to fix one of the most common issues that can damage your brand: MAP Violations



Hayden Wall

Founder & Amazon Strategy Lead

Luke Johnston

Marketplace Manager & Brand Support

Daniel Edwards

Graphics & Design

More Customers. Less Effort.

You've built exceptional products and have established your brand.


So where do you grow from here? 


Why not put your products in front of 30%, 50% or 100% more customers simply by optimizing your presence on the largest storefront in the world?

Our 6 - Step Amazon Hero Strategy will fix your disorganized Amazon product listings and then drive massive increases in awareness and conversion.


We do this while reducing the MAP violations and customer complaints that your current strategy is actually creating.  


ReSolve Problems
Skyrocket Sales

Clear content, consistent pricing, and exceptional customer support are minimum requirements to build trust in today's marketplaces.

MAP control, brand control, and selling restrictions. Without it, online sellers will sell your brand short., and you are enabling them.

Promoting your products effectively in the largest online channel is the next step to reaching more customers and growing your brand. 



The changes can be simple, but the results can be staggering.


Cleaning up your Amazon presence can drive a massive increase in your sales volume.

We've taken products selling 400 units per month to selling over 800 units per month within as little as 2 weeks after making basic product listing improvements. 


The quality of your listings directly impact your customers' trust and willingness to buy. 


So stop convincing them not to buy.


A few basic improvements can get the ball rolling, and once it does, it can move very quickly.  


See some of the simple changes you can make to your listings to immediately boost your Amazon sales performance. 





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