Through customer knowledge, research, and a commitment to testing and re-testing, we aim to grow your revenue faster than you could do so alone.


Knowing your customers and what makes them tick is at the heart of any winning product or brand.  We research your customers and can develop insightful means of tapping into their wants, needs, and goals. By speaking directly to them in a manner that they can relate to, they will trust that your product and your brand will live up to their expectations. But we know it will do much more.



Beyond knowing your customer, we do an in depth analysis of your product categories as well as your competitors.  A competitive product and brand analysis allows us to help customers effectively differentiate your product from all of the noise in the market.  Highlighting your strengths and being honest about any weaknesses builds trust and credibility.

Once your most profitable customers are identified, finding more of them is simply a game of numbers and creativity. Whether the best channel for promotion is Amazon, Adwords, Facebook, Youtube or Pinterest, we have an account manager capable of creating and growing profitable promotional campaigns.



When you know your customers and your products inside and out, effective and meaningful copywriting just flows naturally. Combine with that a product category analysis and we will produce well thought out and impactful titles, bullet points, and descriptions for your products.  Often times, a refresh of the product copy alone can have a meaningful impact on revenue growth as customers more quickly find their questions answered and concerns put to rest.



At the core of a brand’s success is the emotional connection that customers feel toward that brand. It’s that emotion that leads them to purchase the brand again and again. Defined by vision, values and heritage, a brand communicates the corporate culture, informs business decisions and conveys the thinking behind product and service offerings.  By understanding your brand inside and out, we can ensure that every touch point with the customer provides a consistent experience that aligns with your company’s business strategy and purpose.